Speedboard, the Contract Electronics Manufacturing company based in Windsor, pride themselves on hiring the best people to provide the best quality product for its customers. Ways into Work supported them to see how Supported Employment could help them to tap into talented individuals who simply needed a different way to demonstrate their competencies.

Speedboard offered two young people with Autism the opportunity to undertake a work trial instead of a traditional interview and Ways into Work provided the training and in work support needed to ensure this experience was of mutual benefit.

The whole team at Speedboard embraced this opportunity and with high expectations supported the young people to learn various aspects of the work. At the end of the work trial Simon has been offered a full time contract and Speedboard have gained a talented new employee.

The whole experience was positive not only have we gained an excellent new member of staff, I have learnt so much about the team I manage and how to improve our processes for all of our team members.

Martin Bullimore, Operations Director at Speedboard

Simon is so proud to work for Speedboard and is thrilled they gave him the chance to shine.