Sam was 15 when he first met Ways into work and informed them that he wanted a job in a kitchen, he went away to Foxes college and learnt some of the skills needed to do this job. When he returned to Maidenhead Ways into Work supported Sam to gain some further experience and he undertook a number of placements. We all agreed that Sam needed to be paid for his work. Ways into Work had a long standing relationship with Eton College who kindly introduced them to Sodexo and another positive working relationship was formed. Sam was offered a work trial which enabled him to demonstrate his abilities and he was offered a job working in Bekynton at Eton College. Sam has been able to come off his benefits, contribute towards his own rent and pay for a Holidays and new Furniture.

The manager of Summer Schools, Philip Highy, together with the Japanese summer school clients presented Sam with a gift last night, as a thank you for all Sam has done for them over the summer.